Former Patient Creates Pajamas for Young Heart Patients at Texas Children’s Hospital

Photos byPaul Vincent Kuntz/Texas Children’s Hospital.

When Anne Currie was 5-years-old, she underwent her first congenital heart surgery at Texas Children’s Hospital. Following additional procedures, Anne, now in her 30s, leads a happy and healthy life and comes back to Texas Children’s for regular check-ups with the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program (ACHD) team. Texas Children’s ACHD Program enables patients with congenital heart disease to receive seamless continuation of care from birth to adulthood. The multidisciplinary team, who are trained in both pediatric and adult congenital heart disease, offers a full spectrum of services and advises patients on the wide spectrum of medical problems that patients like Anne experience throughout their lives.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of her first surgery, Anne enlisted the help of her friend and fellow adult congenital heart disease patient, Holly Hancock, to surprise heart patients at the hospital with specially-designed pajamas from Heroic Hearts®, a company Holly created. Holly, who underwent her first heart surgery at just hours old, spent time at Texas Children’s when she was nine and continues to be seen by Texas Children’s ACHD team, too. As a young patient, she dreaded putting on a drab hospital gown as the excess fabric made it hard to move around and was always cold due to the thin fabric. Little Heroes® by Heroic Hearts® offers comfortable, creative, hospital-friendly apparel tailored to young heart patients.

On Nov. 30, the pair, alongside Holly’s husband and parents and Anne’s mom, gifted 10 current Texas Children’s heart patients and their families with pairs of the pajamas. The group shared stories with families about their time in the hospital and inspired them as the families were able to see how well the women are doing today. In addition to the pajamas, patients received stuffed animals named Ruby and Beau, who star in the hospital’s one-of-a-kind animated series of videos designed to educate families about complex heart conditions. To watch the series visit