FireDisc – Here’s Our Story

fire-disk-100_1151Entrepreneurial Beginnings
FireDisc Co-founders, brothers, and best friends, Hunter and Griffin Jaggard, are no strangers to entrepreneurship. They were raised by hardworking parents who instilled a strong work ethic and the passion and tenacity to solve problems. As early as age 6 and 8 the duo had already launched their first business venture – selling golf balls painstakingly retrieved from the landscape bordering the neighborhood course. Their daily perseverance hunting golf balls throughout all weather conditions yielded a loyal customer base, and a few colds. By High school the brothers had an entire series of business pursuits under their belt ranging from a garage-based bike repair shop to the invention of a popular potato gun. The potato gun was an instant success, achieving impressive sell-through despite the burning of their supportive father’s eyebrows during the prototype development phase. Their entrepreneurship, however, did not end with golf balls, bikes and potato guns…

fire-disk-100_1200Brand Impetus
Avid outdoor enthusiasts, the two inventors thrived on designing unique solutions to solve day-to-day challenges. Their active lifestyle afforded many a hunting, fishing, camping and tailgating adventure, yet each was fraught with frustration by the lack of adequate methods to cook up delicious meals for large groups in the outdoors. After numerous fails with just about every grill on the market at the time, the brother team set out on a mission to develop the world’s most innovative grill. They reached back to family experiences on a Texas farm where big groups were fed field-side on makeshift cookers. Those memories were the seed of what ultimately became FireDisc.

In 2010, armed with a tractors plow disc and a welding shop for hire, the brothers set out to design an entirely new category of grill that was portable yet bullet-proof, and could out-cook and outlast any other gas grill on the market. Out of that passion and perseverance to create a high tech outdoor cooking innovation, the first FireDisc was born.

Expert-Tested & Proven
The FireDisc cooker was unique, but the brothers weren’t finished yet. They wanted to create a grill that could survive brutal product testing, and get better with each and every meal. They knew the best way to achieve the ultimate cooking versatility, surface seasoning capacity, portability and durability performance was to have it tested by a diverse line-up of expert chefs, outdoorsmen, and barbecue enthusiasts who ate, breathed and slept top notch cooking. So they partnered with leading Chef’s, hunters and fisherman to put FireDisc through boot-camp. This meticulous testing still goes on today via the Chef Tested-Chef Approved and FireDisc Ambassador programs.

Humanitarian Roots
FireDisc® is a brand built on character, family principles and giving back. Prior to their launch the founders formed a non-profit to raise money and find a cure for MS. To date $1M has been raised via “The Carney Men” Bike MS team. Community involvement is the core of the FireDisc brand. In addition to the National MS Society they are proud supporters of the National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc, Bridges to Life and many more.

FireDisc Today
FireDisc portable propane cookers and a collection of accessories are now sold via 500+ retail locations throughout the country, online and across the globe. Out of their extreme entrepreneurship, passion and collaboration with industry experts Griff and Hunter Jaggard have launched a marketplace innovation that is “BUILT TO HAUL, AND COOKS IT ALL”.


The FireDisc was designed to go with you wherever you go.  The FireDisc® portable propane cooker three-piece design disassembles seamlessly for easy, flat storage in the car trunk, SUV, RV, tent, truck bed, or garage. Bonus: no screws, nuts, or bolts to wrestle or lose. A flexible stand adapts easily to uneven outdoor surfaces allowing cooks to select their outdoor kitchens for the view, not the flat ground. And, it is made to last!


With a FireDisc you can cook anything, literally. They have been ruthlessly vetted by professional chefs, can cook up more recipes than all other outdoor grills combined, and they are the largest cooking device to operate on a canister of propane. The ample surface area and range of temperature zones allows you to place your ingredients just where they need to cook for optimal results.  Your FireDisc can cook virtually everything from mouth-watering steaks to hearty stews and fabulous funnel cakes.  And, like a cast-iron skillet, flavors get better and better with each savory meal. Bonus: cleaning is a breeze, takes mere minutes and all you’ll need is water.

  • 3-Piece Takedown Design – The entire FireDisc system consists of two stand sections that nest together without tools or hardware, plus the disc itself which sets onto the stand.  It takes mere seconds to assemble or disassemble and the three pieces lay flat for easy transport or storage.
  • Over-Built Construction – Heavy-duty, high-polished, tempered ultra-high carbon steel construction (disc and stand) ensures your FireDisc will last and provide versatile cooking performance for generations.
  • Magnum Powder Coating – Disc, stand and burner are all powder coated with a premium thermoplastic pure silicone resin powder coating that’s baked on at 450* to form a non-penetrating protective skin.
  • Farm Hand Grips – Custom fire-retardant, rubber comfort handles protect you from heat and make lifting your FireDisc safe and easy.
  • Better Burner – Premium magnum powder coated, adjustable three-temp burner ensures long lasting durability and reliable performance.
  • Two Stand Height Sizes – Choose between a 36” or 24” stand height depending up your specific needs. The 36” counter level option eliminates the need to bend while cooking, while the 24” takes up less storage or travel space and offers ample height for comfortable cooking.
  • Propane Powered – FireDisc operates on propane, either an easy-to-find, easy-to-bring 16.4 oz. canister or full sized tank. A FireDisc is the largest cooking device able to use a propane canister.
  • Your Way Cooking – There is no more versatile cooking device than a FireDisc. With a FireDisc you can boil or broil, blacken or bake, sear or sauté, scramble or steam, deep fry or stir-fry, grill or barbecue.  If you can cook it up, you can cook it on a FireDisc.
  • Better-with-Time Flavor – The surface on a FireDisc is actually considerably more porous than the surface on a cast iron skillet. This means, as you use your FireDisc, it will become more and more seasoned for a continually superior taste experience. FireDisc meals just get better and better with time.
  • Fast Fire Up – Since a FireDisc operates on propane it fires up immediately so you can be cooking in seconds. No need to endure endless charcoal heat ramp up time when hungry friends and family await the meal.
  • Variable Temperature Zones – Thanks to the ample cooking surface you can cook multiple elements of your meal simultaneously at varying temperatures by moving items further from center into a second or third temperature zone; this is ideal for keeping the veggies warm while the meat cooks, too.
  • Cooks-More Cooking Surface – A FireDisc feeds more people per square inch than any other cooking device.  With a circumference of 69”, FireDisc has ample cooking surface to create generous meals that accommodate large groups effortlessly.
  • Super Simple Clean-up – When you’re done cooking and your FireDisc is cooled, clean-up is a breeze. Simply rinse with water, wipe with a paper towel, and once clean, apply a light coating of cooking oil. Done in mere minutes!
  • Center-of-Attention – With FireDisc, you’ll quickly find that the cooking experience becomes contagious. Everyone will gather around the FireDisc to help, since there is no smoke to contend with, or lids to interfere. Best of all, the cook remains in the midst of all the fun…

There is nothing else quite like a FireDisc portable propane cooker, once you have one you won’t go anywhere without it and it will be the last you’ll ever buy…

As we move forward, FireDisc will continue to revolutionize the outdoor cooking industry for the fanatic on-the-go! Our goal will always be to provide high-end, innovative products and accessories designed for the avid sportsman, tailgater, hunter, fisherman, and outdoor cooking enthusiast. We are a business built around character, family principles, and we will never stop working hard at developing cutting edge cooking products and accessories that dramatically enhance the outdoor cooking experience for our customers. This is and will always be the FireDisc® way.