The One to Watch: Anthony Alcoser

081916 The Katy News Sports Preview CoverBy Tom Behrens

Mayde Creek Rams’ football team hasn’t lit up any stadium’s scoreboard in a long time. The last time the Rams had a winning season was 2008 when they went 6-5 with a playoff appearance. Since then their most wins in one season was three in 2012. Last year they had 0 wins. It’s hard to be positive when your team is in that situation.
I chose Ram quarterback, Anthony Alcoser for the honored front page of The Katy News 2016 Football Preview not only for his talent, but because of his resiliency and leadership. Alcoser, under Coach Mike Rabe, will turn some heads this football season.
In the three years I have watched Alcoser (6’0”, 196 lbs senior) play, he has never given up on himself and his teammates even when the chances for winning were nil or none. After spring and summer off-season drills, he is a believer in the 2016 edition of Ram football. He believes his team is a lot stronger, more disciplined, and have worked hard in the weight room and on the practice field. “Everyone’s mind set is toward winning and making the playoffs.”
He describes his senior class as a family, “everybody is close, hangs out together. Coach is a good person to talk with. He talks, motivates, gets you to buy into the program. He is changing the program at Mayde Creek.”
In Rabe’s first season as head coach, 2015, one of his main goals was to change the mindset of all the sports at Mayde Creek. It was not okay to lose.
This year during off-season he shared with the football team what he saw as weaknesses from last year team – strength and overall discipline.

MCHS senior Anthony Alcoser’s resiliency and talent make him one of the players to watch this season. Photo by Michael McKenney,

“I thought our overall physical strength was pretty poor. It’s really hard to go out there and compete in this district if you don’t have some physical strength. We can’t control the physical size of our people, but we can control how strong they are.
“We had some discipline that needed to get fixed. We are making our kids accountable for their actions.”
“Discipline is something we stressed. They don’t all have to like each other, but if they respect each other, work hard together, have a common goal, then I think you will see the team work really good together. It’s up to the senior class to demand that.”
Alcoser expressed his and the team’s feelings after every game last year. “It’s disappointing after we worked so hard to win the games. We believe we are going to win these games this year. There’s more focus, more heart this year.”
“At Mayde Creek High School, athletics is in the process of changing,” said softball coach, Jill Voss. “We have a phenomenal new athletic director (Mike Rabe), and I think that he will turn the football program around, along with the other sports.”
“I feel like our (football) players did good last year, even though the record may not show it,” said Rabe. “They improved. I felt like they played the whole season and got better every week. That’s what we were looking for.
“In all sports, if we are going to get out there and play it, we want to compete well in it. It doesn’t really matter what sport. We are not in it to just develop players. We feel like creating a good athlete will make you successful in whatever you do.”
Quarterback, Anthony Alcoser will be a player to watch in this upcoming season.