Harris County Flood Control District

City Bond Election in the Works as Engineering Firm Makes Recommendations for Pine Forest Subdivision Flood Protection

Mayor Chuck Brawner

By George Slaughter Voters in the City of Katy can expect a bond election next spring to pay for needed engineering work to mitigate flood danger. The bond will coincide with next May’s city election. Mayor Chuck Brawner said he was not sure of what the final figure would be, though he estimated it would be in the $10 million range. Of this figure, $3.3 million would be earmarked for the four recommendations given to […]

Harris County Flood Control District Flood WatchTeam

The Harris County Flood Control District’s Flood Watch team is monitoring rainfall trends, as well as measured rainfall amounts and water levels in bayous and creeks, as this weekend’s rain event progresses. Sections of northwest and southern Harris County have received significant rainfall. Bayous and creeks in those areas are responding with increasing stormwater levels. Northwest Harris County received between 2-3 inches of rainfall overnight and into this morning. Some isolated areas have received upwards […]

Stormwater Releases From Reservoirs Will Keep Buffalo Bayou Levels Higher Than Normal

With a period of dry weather forecast for the Houston region, stormwater is being released from the Addicks and Barker reservoirs at a controlled rate by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers into Buffalo Bayou.  This is the normal operating procedure for the reservoirs.  Releases will continue until the reservoirs are empty, which will be for an extended period of time given the large volume of water in the reservoirs. PLEASE NOTE: The water being released from […]