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Boca Raton, FL, April 24, 2013 – There are many reports of near-death experiences, descriptions that are remarkably consistent from one person to the next. For those who sometimes doubt the existence of life after death, Dr. Emile Allen presents a compelling personal account of his journey, detailed in Allen’s nonfiction book, Eaten By The Tiger.

One day as Emile Allen, M.D. was operating to save a woman’s life, he barely escaped being electrocuted and nearly died. He remembered hearing a voice telling him: “I’m not ready for you yet. You have more work to do.” He had no way of knowing the challenges he would face or how many times he would hear those words…

Now living with a brain injury, the talented surgeon was thrust into a world where he struggled just to do simple things such as counting change at the grocery store or reading a book. The event not only changed his career but also his identity and capabilities. At the time, he didn’t understand how significant the impact of this incident would be for the rest of his life.

Eaten By The Tiger: Surrendering to an Empowered Life, by Emile Allen, M.D., is a collection of stories and insights acquired through his personal experiences as a surgeon, son and patient that helped get him through the paralysis of emotional and physical loss. He had ridden the gamut of emotions from shock and denial to full-blown depression.

For anyone who has experienced a recent loss or might be struggling with life’s daily challenges, Dr. Allen’s personal journey will undoubtedly inspire you to find your own insights. Regardless of the reason, you will be able to relate to something in his compelling story because it will touch some aspect of your life. Powerful and heartfelt, Eaten By The Tiger gives readers an invaluable gift: a second chance at life.

Dr. Allen is a graduate of Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago. He completed his general surgery internship and urology residency at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics. As a retired urologist, Dr. Allen has turned his passion for helping others into inspirational speaking and writing, touching more lives than he ever could have as a surgeon.

For more information, please visit: www.eatenbythetiger.com.

Pompey Stafford, Investment Advisor: “Since I have recently lost my son, I resonated deeply with Dr. Emile’s life stories and insights. My son’s passing has left a chasm in my heart and soul so wide and deep, that words can’t describe…[book] enhanced my faith and will to move forward but not forget the love and joy my son gave…captivating read with extraordinary stories from his life.”

Sherry Skidmore, Ph.D., Professor of Forensic Psychology: “The stories are magnetic, gripping. They pulled me through the book every step of the way.”

Donna Kennedy, English Professor and Professional Editor: “Wow!  I’m an editor and read books everyday for a living.  I couldn’t put [this book] down. The stories are evocative and made me feel like I was right there talking to Dr. Allen. He is a writer and it’s obvious he found his true passion.”

Harry Wilkins, III, M.D, Attending Trauma / Surgical Critical Care Attending, Quincy Medical Group: “After reading this book, everyone is going to use the phrase Eaten by the Tiger. Emile you nailed it. This book is a grand slam!”

Sid Vaidya, Former VP of IBM, Founder/Chairman, The Diamonds of Diversity: “In clear and simple language, [book] describes the process of letting go of the emotional and physical baggage in your life… poignant stories illustrate how to transform yourself into a better you. This is one of the most meaningful books I have ever read, and I highly recommend it as a must have book for your library.”

Jeanette Grace: “As a professional writer for over 20 years, I found [this] to be captivating and evocative. Vivid descriptions pulled me into…each story and elicited a visceral and emotional response that not many writers can accomplish…found myself laughing, crying and being shocked by your real life stories…not only engaged my imagination but also demonstrated how to live an empowered life. Thank you, Dr. Allen, for sharing your life with us. Your courage is an inspiration to all of us.”