Barefoot Mosquito Control System
Barefoot Mosquito Control is a professional mosquito control company serving the greater Houston area. Barefoot offers effective, long-lasting organic-based mosquito control so you can reclaim your backyard and enjoy outdoor activities again.

Texas is prone to mosquito infestations and chances are you’ve tried other ways to kill mosquitoes or keep mosquitoes away in the past. The problem? These so called ‘solutions’ are either not effective, don’t last long, overuse pesticides, or are just too expensive.

As a result, many Texas residents avoid their backyard during mosquito season – which, for Texas, can be as many as ten months! Without an effective mosquito system, your kids can’t play outside without being bitten by mosquitoes, you can’t enjoy outdoor parties, and the nice pool or hot tub you have is not getting as much use as it could.

Barefoot Mosquito offers a mosquito control system that helps Texas residents reclaim their backyard in an environmentally responsible, effective manner along with these great benefits.

Barefoot Mosquito Control System
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