Aristoi Classical Academy Seniors To Host Community Wide Blood Drive

KATY, TX— Twelfth-grade students at Aristoi Classical Academy, a public charter school located in historic Katy, will host a community-wide blood drive on Friday, November 9, 2018, from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. at its Upper School campus, located at 5610 Morton Road, Katy, TX. This is the second time ACA seniors have hosted this event, the first occurring last spring, with collection efforts doubling expectations. Twelfth-grade Anatomy and Physiology students host the blood drive as a wrap-up to their blood unit in class. Students age 16 and older are encouraged to donate.

One in seven people will need blood at some point in their lives, but only one in 20 will ever donate blood. One whole blood donation can save up to three lives. To sign-up, visit and enter the Sponsor Code, ACA1.

About Aristoi Classical Academy

Aristoi Classical Academy is a free, public charter school offering classical education from grades Kindergarten through 12th. Aristoi currently has two campuses located in historic Katy, one which serves Kindergarten through 4th grade, and a new campus that currently serves grades 5th through 12th. Aristoi has an enrollment of just over 850 students with plans to expand the new Morton Road campus to accommodate the growing K-12th student body.

Aristoi’s mission is to provide students with an academically challenging Classical Liberal Arts education that encourages them to develop a passion for learning and that gives them the means to become responsible citizens of virtuous character.

To learn more about Aristoi Classical Academy, please visit or contact us at 281-391-5003.