Urgent Care for Kids releases VirtualPediatrics, the first pediatric telemedicine option for Texans   

TEXAS – Virtual Pediatrics is the first on-demand, pediatric telemedicine service available through Urgent Care for Kids effective July 20, 2018. Patients can opt to connect via video with a Texas-based pediatrician for minor illnesses. This will give patients access to the same high-quality pediatric care while minimizing travel and potential wait time.

“The need and demand for telemedicine has become increasingly apparent” Urgent Care for Kids President Kevin Pearce said. “It’s available for adults, but specialized, pediatric care is an area that is underserved. We’re excited to meet that need and continue to set ourselves apart in the field of pediatric medicine.”

Patients and their families may begin accessing Virtual Pediatrics using a computer, iPhone, Android or tablet device. They are then immediately ushered into a virtual-waiting room where a pediatric provider within a local, Urgent Care for Kids clinics will connect with them via video. From there, providers will hold a consultation with the patient and their family just as they would in person for minor illnesses.

The telemedicine service is available to patient’s ages 2-21. Virtual Pediatrics will also serve many patients in outlying areas who do not have access to affordable pediatric care. This will allow patients to experience face-to-face care from a highly-trained pediatric provider in their own home.

“I’m very excited about it because I know there’s many times that there will be parents who have sick children — either they need to get to their jobs or they have another sick child and they really can’t go outside of their home easily,” Urgent Care for Kids Director of Telemedicine Dr. Linda Halbrook said. “So, I think this is a great tool for them to be able to meet the children’s needs without leaving the home.”

About Urgent Care for Kids: Urgent Care for Kids is the largest pediatric urgent care chain in Texas providing after-hours urgent care services for pediatric patients including x-rays, minor laceration repair, and sick visits. The organization is known for short wait times, expert care and outstanding customer service. To learn more, visit www.urgentcarekids.com.