A “Big Win” For The Animals In City Of Rosenberg, Texas Law Makers Pick Compassion For Shelter Animals.  

Rosenberg, Texas, July 3rd 2018 – the City Council of Rosenberg unanimously declares no-kill for Rosenberg by 2020.

Passing R-2525 is the first step in achieving no-kill in the City of Rosenberg animal shelters. The primary goal is to institute a no-kill model to ensure that policies and procedures are enacted to provide all healthy and treatable impounded animals more of a guarantee to have a live outcome. The benchmark of saving 90 percent or more of the animals in the Rosenberg Shelter is set by the newly passed resolution.

R-2525 also directs the Rosenberg Animal Advisory Board to evaluate and recommend policies and programs to reduce the euthanasia of homeless animals and reduce intake of impounds to increase the live outcome rates.  The City Council of Rosenberg has officially committed to putting resources and effort into improving equipment and facilities and provide support and staff training opportunities for the Rosenberg Animal Shelter staff.

Speakers from Sugar Land, Richmond, Houston, Rosenberg all spoke in support of the resolution. They applauded the City’s collective efforts. Lorene Lindsey, a resident from Rosenberg spoke with profound gratitude that “Rosenberg will always be known as the first city in Fort Bend County to adopt a no-kill resolution.” She further expressed her expectations of wanting to see no-kill achieved with integrity. To her, customer service to strengthen rapport with rescue groups along with an extensive public education program to prepare for the new policy are all crucial steps to its success and sustainability.

Salise Shuttlesworth J.D., Executive Director of Friends for Life thanked the City Council for their “progressive attitude”. She referred the public officials as “guardians of the most impressive animal story in the Houston area.” She testified no-kill works and she encouraged City of Rosenberg to pay attention to the behavior and emotional well-being of animals. “It’s foundational”, she said. “It must be something that is considered from the very beginning.” She further explained, “It helps decrease their stress level which makes them healthier in your (Rosenberg Animal Shelter) care and it keeps them safe in homes once you (Rosenberg Animal Shelter) have adopted them into homes. And it works!”

Virgil Skinner Jr., owner and operator of Fort Bend Kia also spoke in support of humane treatment of animals. He professed that the no-kill resolution was important to him and his staff, because it is a very positive way to manage the Rosenberg shelter for the animals.

Ft. Bend Pets Alive! social media accounts have generated phenomenal attention regarding this issue. We are certain that the city of Rosenberg’s official commitment to establish the goal of ending euthanasia of adoptable cats and dogs in the shelter is a significant policy change. It’s a strong message to send to the public shelters across Fort Bend County and the greater Houston MSA, that the elected officials in the City of Rosenberg  had the courage to stand up and end the euthanasia of adoptable shelter animals.

About Fort Bend County Pets Alive! 
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