The 21st Annual Festival of Originals Produced by Mimi Holloway

The FOO consists of five, 20-minute original plays by five different playwrights, with five different directors and five different casts. It is an eclectic grouping of plays submitted from all over the U.S., as well as a number of foreign countries.

Civilized Affairs by Carl L. Williams

Directed by Rachel Watkins

An English professor, an affair, and a tray of donuts – What happens when old and new morality clashes in this hilarious play? Find out in the Hollis home on a “typical” Saturday afternoon!

Hollis – Dan Potter

Evelyn – Damonica Jenkins

Kristi – Carian Parker

Stay by Dagney Kerr

Directed by J. Eric Dunlap

Sammy and Maggie are just about the best of friends. They meet at the local park all the time. Sammy hasn’t been to park for a while now, and Maggie has been really anxious. When Sammy gets back, he’ll have some news for Maggie. Oh, also they’re dogs. Get ready to sit and stay.

Joseph Moore – Sammy

Sydney Dunlap – Maggie

The Bend in the Tree by Alex Dremann

Directed by Scott McWhirter

For six years Shana neglected her family and focused on her career. Now she returns home to a mother dying of lymphoma, a father who may have dementia, a brother whose life is crumbling from the stress, and a sister who’s jealous of her apparent successes. Isn’t family just the best?

Shana – Jenna Morris

Bill – John Mitsakis

Beatrice – Jada August

Peter – Willy Devlin

Jenny – Bailey Hampton

Charles – Scott McWhirter

Time Went By by Thomas J. Misuraca

Directed by Justin Holloway

In the diner he first met his deceased wife 50 years ago, Harold returns for a blind date. See how times have changed as Harold learns the ways of electronic dating, while just across from him on the other side of the stage, his sweet first date with his beloved wife is unfolding.

Harold – John Stevens

Martha – Lauren Miller

Young Harold – Mitchell Jackson

Lori – Tausheli McClure

Waitress – Brittany Garcia

Karma by Anne Flannigan

Directed by Matt Prideaux

Paul is having a bad day. It started at the DMV and unfortunately taken a much more morbid turn. Forced to confront his own mortality, he turns to his dear old friend Chaz to find solace, but finds that he is just another in a long line of people waiting for the opportunity to screw Paul over.

Paul – Sriram Vengalathur

Clerk – Sarah Spickard

Chaz – Brian Heaton

Wendy – Nora Hahn

Mrs. Hickenlooper – Beverly Hutchison

Dates and Times

July 20 – August 4, 2018

Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm

Matinee, Sunday July 29 at 3 pm

Cast/Crew & Zip Codes 


Joseph Moore – 77080

Sydney Dunlap – 77042

Civilized Affairs

Damonica Jenkins – 77040

Carian Parker – 77040

Dan Potter – 77036

Rachel Watkins – 77459


Sriram Vengalathur – 77479

Sarah Spickard – 77586

Brian Heaton – 77459

Nora Hahn – 77040

Beverly Hutchison – 77082

Matt Prideaux – 77079

Time Went By

Mitchell Jackson – 77095

Lauren Miller – 77024

John Stevens – 77379

Tausheli McClure – 77019

Brit Garcia – 77477

Justin Holloway – 77063

The Bend in the Tree

John Mitsakis – 77084

Jenna Morris – 77063

Jada August –

Willy Devlin –

Bailey Hampton –

Scott McWhirter – 77449


Price and Tickets

$19 Regular/$17 Seniors


or email

or call (713) 661-9509

Theatre Southwest

8944-A Clarkcrest

Houston, TX 77063