Crank It Up – Celebrating The Engines Of Our Imagination

Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center reaches out to next generation of independent, innovative and imaginative thinkers in celebration of National Engineers Week

Feb. 23 to March 1

Sponsored by FLUOR®

As a profession in constant demand, engineering embraces curiosity, tinkering and imagination.

It offers the world imaginative and innovative solutions to any task at hand, and National Engineers Week celebrates those independent minds and ideas.

Take your creativity to the next level by exploring the industry which shapes the world around us.

Come on over to the Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center as we prepare the next generation of talent through creative activities which will put any aspiring engineer to the test.

National Engineers Week is observed from Feb. 18 to 24, 2018.


  • Paper Quilling: Design 3-D art from 2-D material at OcuSoft® Art Academy.
  • Rotocopters:  Engineer an aircraft and explore aerodynamic principles at Science Station.
  • Catapult Airplane: Slingshot an airplane to make it go farther and faster at  Junktion.
  • LEGO® Crown:  Get the royal treatment by engineering your own crown at Junktion.
  • LEGO® Mask: Transform into a LEGO® action figure at Junktion.
  • All-New!  “Newton Know-How” Exhibit:  Come step into a world with action as you delve into Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion.
  • How Does It Work?Exhibit:   Discover the answers to your own scientific questions with tons of investigative experiences.