National Charity League, Inc., Star Chapter Honors Twenty-Five Seniors

On Sunday, February 18, 2018, National Charity League, Inc., Star Chapter (NCL, Inc.) will honor the Senior Class of 2018 at the Chapter’s annual Senior Recognition Ceremony.  This formal event will take place at the Sugar Land Marriott Town Square at 6:30 p.m.  The evening includes recognition of each of these 25 graduating seniors for their accomplishments and contributions to the community, as well as dinner and dancing with family and friends in attendance.

Over the last six years, these young ladies, alongside their mothers, have contributed over 11,191 volunteer hours at 30 local charities throughout the community.  The Class of 2018 volunteered at The Westview School, Katy Visual and Performing Arts Center (KVPAC), Neighborhood Kidz Club, Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP), Interfaith Ministries (Meals on Wheels), The Ballard House, Fulshear Library, Katy Christian Ministries, Fort Bend Women’s Center, Oakmont Nursing Home, The Krause Center, The Monty Ballard YMCA, and Willow River Farms, to name a few.

In addition to serving their community through volunteering, these young ladies were also honing leadership skills and developing cultural awareness by planning and attending educational meetings, chapter-wide events, socials, class retreats and cultural events that included the ballet, opera and theatre.

“The Class of 2018 has completed a 6-year program designed to foster the mother-daughter relationship through community service, leadership development, and cultural experiences,” said Tina Costley, NCL, Inc., Star Chapter President, “we are very proud of them and who they have become.  Whatever they choose to do, we know that they will be prepared to serve, lead and be successful.”  The Star Chapter is very proud of these accomplished young ladies and wishes each of them great success in their future endeavors.

The seniors are: Holly Ayers, Nicole Bourgeois, Sydney Bryant, Lillian Costley, Maddie Cotton, Rachel Courtney, Kate D’Agostino, Brooke Dumas, Katherine Everhard, Kaitlyn Sheroke, Hannah Garcia, Victoria Gimenez, Layla Gutierrez, Madison Hanning, Kiersten Henley, Kayla Huisman, Kelsey Joe, Vivian Lipp, Dori Mallinger, Makenna Munger, Lauren Plummer, Sophia Schimmenti, Kaylee Scott, Emma Struble, and Tori Volan

About National Charity League, Inc.  Established in Los Angeles, California in 1925, and incorporated in 1958, NCL, Inc. is the premier mother-daughter organization of women and their daughters in grades 7-12.  Currently, there are 244 chapters across the country in 26 states with over 65,000 members. There are four chapters in Katy. For more information, visit the website at to find a chapter in your area.

First Row Left to Right: Maddie Cotton, Victoria Gimenez, Layla Gutierrez, Hannah Garcia, Brooke Dumas, Kiersten Henley and Kelsey Joe. Back Row Left to Right:  Lillian Costley, Kate D’Agostino, Sydney Bryant, Vivian Lipp, Kayla Huisman, Makenna Munger, Nicole Bourgeois, Tori Volan, Sophia Schimmenti, Dori Mallinger, Emma Struble, Madison Hanning, Kaitlyn Sheroke, Rachel Courtney, Holly Ayers, Katherine Everhard, Kaylee Scott and Lauren Plummer. Photography by Nikki Guest