Texas Humane Legislation Network Launches Statewide PAC

First of more than 1,900 Texas PACs dedicated to all animals

Austin, Texas – November 9, 2017 – The Texas Humane Legislation Network today announced a statewide political action committee (PAC) dedicated to advancing humane legislation through endorsements and financial support of pro-animal candidates in Texas.

The THLN PAC aims to support lawmakers and candidates whose records and campaign platforms demonstrate a commitment to humane legislation for animals.

“For more than 40 years, our organization has worked with Texas legislators to create lasting change for Texas animals through stronger laws,” said the group’s executive director, Laura Donahue.  “Now we can work year-round to ensure we are sending more animal-friendly voices to Austin and electing a more humane-minded Legislature.

“Through the ballot box, we aim to send our champions back to Austin in 2019 and make re-election tougher for our incumbent obstructionist lawmakers,” she added.

“Accountability will be a key focus of our efforts through this PAC,” Donahue said.

The most recent legislative session may have been the highest-profile for both the group and for animal welfare bills in general, said THLN board president Shelby Bobosky, a former Dallas-area attorney who spearheaded legislation in 2013 to end the use of gas chambers for animal shelter euthanasia in Texas.

“It may be a combination of factors — divisiveness trickling down from the federal level, a greater awareness of our legislative priorities through our social media presence — but those of us who have been working on these issues for a while saw them take on a greater importance this session,” Bobosky said. “This session something was different. These were not quiet or fringe issues.”

She added that the PAC will begin endorsing candidates and coordinating with their campaigns this fall.

Of the more than 1,900 PACs registered in Texas, there are none devoted to the welfare of all Texas animals.