National Charity League Lady Bird Chapters recent fashion show

Class of 2018:

Connie Allard, Sabrina Allard, Brooke Bigott, Tammy Bigott, Purvi Dhutia, Shreya Dhutia, Alanna Ganz, Susan Ganz, Kimberly Harvey, Sarah Harvey, Lizzie Heintz, Vanessa Heintz, Carly Herbert, Kathy Herbert, Briana Hilligiest, Jennifer Ray, Amy Hofmeister, Kylie Hofmeister, Patricia Kramer, Taylor Kramer, Ali Kyser, Olga Kyser, Hannah McCarty, Lisa McCarty, Ana Moore, Katy Moore, Claire Olivas, Jana Olivas, Eshna Parikh, Krishna Parikh, Lauren Ronaghan, DeLois Ronaghan, Kalyn Roxburgh, Pamela Roxburgh, Sabrina Wilson and Stephanie Wilson. Not Photographed, Cheri Orillion and Madison Orillion.

National Charity League, Inc. Lady Bird Chapter in

Katy, TX Hosts Back to School Senior Fashion Show:

Katy, TX , September 27, 2017 – This past August, the National Charity League, Inc., Lady Bird Chapter
(NCL, Inc.) participated in a successful event benefiting Clothed By Faith at the Chapter’s 4th Annual
Fashion Show at the Westland Baptist Church in Katy. The Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired theme was
showcased by senior runway models who wore chic and trendy fashions from Runway Seven (located in
La Centerra, Katy). Kendra Scott’s City Centre location provided beautiful and unique accessories; and
Wen Chic Salon & Spa topped the looks with hair and makeup for the girls. See What Develops provided
photography for the show. Before and after the show, audience members were able to shop Runway
Seven and Kendra Scott retail booths.

In addition to the Fashion Show, the senior class was responsible for organizing a chapter‐wide clothing
drive of men, women and children’s new underpants, socks and shoes to support Clothed By Faith. Not
only was the fashion show great fun for all, but it also proved to be very successful in benefiting an
admirable charitable organization in our community.

About National Charity League, Inc., Lady Bird Chapter
National Charity League, Inc., Lady Bird Chapter provides hands‐on volunteer service for 22 philanthropic
organizations in the community. Members are women and their daughters in grades 7 – 12. Through this
community service, NCL, Inc. develops socially responsible community leaders and strengthens the
mother‐daughter relationship. The traditional six‐year core program also includes leadership
development and cultural activities. Mother‐daughter teams nationwide are responsible, dedicated,
skilled volunteers actively engaged in local community work in 23 states across the country. To date,
there are over 200 Chapters, four of which are in Katy, Texas. For more information about the NCL, Inc.,
Lady Bird Chapter, please visit