Hope After Harvey Workshops

Trauma specialists at Shield Bearer are offering free workshops for anyone affected by Hurricane Harvey or for anyone wanting to help those recovering from the storm. These workshops explore the emotional roller coaster of disaster recovery, what is “normal” in a disaster’s aftermath, tools for moving through the storm’s traumatizing effects, how the aftermath affects children, teens, and seniors, and how to help others recover.

The workshops are perfect for anyone who was affected in any way by the disasters in our region and are appropriate for all ages. Registration is required at (281) 894-7222. Workshop dates and additional information about professional counseling services and support groups are available at shieldbearer.org.

Shield Bearer, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening individuals, couples, and families, offers professional counseling services, prevention programs, and training on a sliding scale in five Houston area locations. Volunteers are needed to more the mission forward! Contact volunteer@shieldbearer.org or (281) 894-7222 for more information.