“Love to a Friend” By Ted W. Youngblood

Author Ted W. Youngblood shares ‘Love to a Friend’

Collection of poems tells story of love, relationships, friendships

BULLARD, Texas – For author, Ted W. Youngblood, writing his first book is an adventure in self expression and a journey down a road to a new part of his life. “Love to a Friend” was inspired from the care and love of a lady, who encouraged Youngblood to have his poems published. (published by Xlibris)

“Love to a Friend” is a collection of poems that tells the story of loves lost and won. The book also tells story of hope and the longing and memories of those so cherished. It is about the intertwining of friendship that has the elements and traits of love, romance and emotions. It deals with the ups and downs of a relationship. The author shares that some of the poems are very lengthy, while others are of only a few phrases.

“(My book) gives the readers a chance to reflect on their relationship situation in their lives,” Youngblood on the relevance in today’s society.

The author hopes that with his poems, readers will take in the message that no matter where love takes them, friendship will always be there.

“Love to a Friend”

By Ted W. Youngblood

Softcover | 6x9in | 64 pages | ISBN 9781499067507

E-Book | 64 pages | ISBN 9781499067514

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Born in Dallas on October 2, 1954, Ted W. Youngblood was the oldest of five children. They lived in Texas and later on in Oklahoma. While in Oklahoma, he was taken to see the movie Dr. Zhivago in 1967, which helped introduce him to the idea of romance in his heart. After moving back to Dallas in the spring of 1968, the author lived a typical teenage life. In the summer of 1973, Youngblood enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps., serving his country from 1973 to 1977. After his tour of duty, he married Patricia Carson and had five children, Fawn, Lana, Suzette, Andrew and Caleb. In 2014, Youngblood moved to Tyler and joined the East Texas Writers Guild to further his writing experience.

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