Member Of House Committee On State Affairs Condemns Resurrected “Bathroom Bill”

The committee considered HB 2899 in its late-night Wednesday hearing.

Austin, Texas – Yesterday, the House Committee on State Affairs held a public hearing on State Rep. Ron Simmons’ HB 2899.

The legislation would ban municipalities and school districts from enacting or enforcing non-discriminatory bathroom, shower and changing facility policies, except in accordance with state and federal law.

State Representative Eddie Rodriguez

State Representative Eddie Rodriguez issued the following statement regarding HB 2899:

“SB 6 died in the Texas House for good reason. In addition to discriminating against folks based on their gender identity (as if it’s something they control), the bill would cost Texas billions of dollars in business in search of a problem that doesn’t exist.

“HB 2899 is the ‘bathroom bill’ reincarnated.

“Apparently, HB 2899’s proponents believe that such a bill is necessary because ‘bathroom privacy’ is an issue of great concern to folks across the state. But out of numerous calls to my office, merely a few were made in support of the discriminatory bill.

“There is no good ‘bathroom bill’ and we are running out of time in the 85th Legislative Session. We must avoid wasting our time on fighting over matters best left to local control at the expense of urgent and important issues like CPS/foster care reform.”