Sara Aceves Giacinti presents ‘Searching for Paradise’

Historical-social novel honors role of women in contemporary Mexico

Sara Aceves Giacinti publishes “Searching for Paradise” (Palibrio, 2017), a socio-historical novel that honors the role of women in Contemporary Mexico, inspired by her own personal reflections and the thoughts of Eduardo Galeano.

“Searching for Paradise” tells the story about the creation of large Biotechnology plants in Mexico, and about Eva, a young, single woman from a provincial town who manages to become the owner of such a business. She searches for love from her partner, the father of two of her children. She is forced to suffer because of the nasty behavior and selfishness of what is supposed to be her family; also because of an opportunistic society.

Eva thought, “Is my life a story in which reality is something that goes beyond any fiction? Is it filled with adversity and debilitating battles between poverty and wealth, hope and sorrow, courage and dismay, faith and injustice, conspiracies and truth, sequestration and freedom, the trafficking of influence and what is legal, corruption and integrity? Nevertheless, and in spite of everything, all that IS the story of my life.”

On January 25, 2006, Eva and Juan left Aguaclara; they were headed for Massachusetts. Almost 10 hours later, they landed in Boston’s international airport. There were several reasons for their trip. They had been invited so that one of their projects, which had been nominated for the National Biotechnology Award, could be recognized. They were also going to make an important visit to Harvard University, attend meetings with customers and possible distributors, and finalize some employee and infrastructure contracts for the kick-off, which was close at hand, of their company in the United States.


According to Aceves Giacinti, ‘we live in a time of change, or a change of times, a time of crisis of values’ and in her novel she narrates about the creation of the Biotechnology plants, the beginning of a new commercial era and ‘what is known as Win-Win, which is an attitude […] that enriches personal relationships’. The events portrayed in the book deal with victims and victimizers, self-esteem, love, family, death, ghosts, social classes, evil, selfishness, greed, politics, impunity, narcissism, Human rights, health, disease, ideals and the wonderful, issues that may interest a large public.

With “Searching for Paradise,” Aceves Giacinti wants to help the readers to discover that “we are what we do to change who we are. We are an idea, the idea of many, the idea of those whom have an unstoppable need to enjoy every minute, every breath, every sensation. Living good is an art, a line of thought. That is the matter, to coincide with people who open your eyes to things that you do not see. To coincide with people who teach you to see with another eyes. The adversity and perseverance can define your life. Do not underestimate the power to reinvent yourself, to become a better version of yourself.”

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About the author

Sara Aceves Giacinti is a businesswoman, writer, lecturer, philanthropist, personal coach. She is a business expert and also an expert when it comes to leadership and personal transformation. Sara is the mother of three sons. She lives in the United States and spends as much time as she can with her children and her little dog, Tato.


Searching for Paradise * by Sara Aceves Giacinti

Softcover; $19.95; 246 pages; ISBN 9781506517865

Hardcover; $35.95; 246 pages; ISBN 9781506517858

Libro electrónico; $3.99; ISBN 9781506517872


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