2017 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ Calf Scramble Results – March 12th

Calf Scramble

One of the wildest, most spirited and extremely heartwarming RodeoHouston® events is the Calf Scramble. With the drop of a cowboy hat, the calves are signaled to be released onto the dirt arena for 30 Texas 4-H and FFA members to chase and catch using only a rope halter.  The number of students is always greater than the number of calves. With teenagers and calves darting in every direction across the NRG Stadium floor, the calf scramble is one of the most chaotic, unscripted and beloved events of the Rodeo.

Each student who catches a calf is awarded a $1,750 certificate to purchase a registered beef heifer or market steer to show at the Houston Livestock Show™ the following year. Returning as an exhibitor, the student shows in a special competition with other calf scramble winners. The student receives a $250 bonus if program requirements are fulfilled throughout the year.

A donation of a calf in the calf scramble is $2,000, individuals, companies, organizations can donate this much or less. The donations go towards the certificates for the calf scramble winners.

Calf Scramble Results

When reviewing the calf scramble results, the categories are Mystery Calf, Glazier (First) Catch and Hard Luck. The Mystery Calf is selected by the Calf Scramble Committee prior to the event and remains a secret from the participants. The student who catches the Mystery Calf receives an additional prize along with the calf scramble certificate. The person to catch the first calf receives a belt buckle and $150 in addition to the certificate. Hard Luck is an award given by the Calf Scramble Committee to a participant who did not catch a calf, but showed an exceptional effort. The Hard Luck winner also receives a certificate to purchase a heifer.

The following students were Calf Scramble winners.  Please follow the link for results:

Shirt Number Show Date Exhibitor First Exhibitor Last Club/Chapter Name First Catch/Mystery Calf Calf Letter Comments
1 12-Mar-17 Layne Bode Dayton Ffa First Catch A Cowboy Lodge
23 12-Mar-17 Jax Kenney Canyon FFA-Canyon   B Cowboy Lodge
20 12-Mar-17 Garrett Soto Deer Park FFA   C Cowboy Lodge
5 12-Mar-17 Hayden Cognata Dayton Ffa   F Jeffery J Joyce
12 12-Mar-17 Joshua Schulze Travis Ffa   G Freda J. Guzman
7 12-Mar-17 Garrett Goodson Livingston FFA Mystery Calf H Jack, Linda and Lindsey Carter
27 12-Mar-17 Brian Kaminksy Lamar Consolidated FFA   J Mike and Linda Amerson
24 12-Mar-17 Rebecca Brooks Trinity County 4-H   K D & L Electric Co., Ltd.
28 12-Mar-17 Jose Mendez Lamar Consolidated FFA   L Keith Evans
29 12-Mar-17 Dylan Peak Morton Ranch Ffa   N Gregory/ Henry Landscapes
26 12-Mar-17 Landen Mccary West Sabine Ffa   R R P M Equipment Company
3 12-Mar-17 Brooklyn Wagner Dayton Ffa   S Karen and Frank Steininger
30 12-Mar-17 John Burk Liberty Hill Ffa   T Voss Road Animal Clinic – Dr. Ben tharp
9 12-Mar-17 Brittnee Hamilton Riesel FFA   V Sharps Compliance
14 12-Mar-17 Javonne Pool Texas City FFA   W Lisa, Tuna and Abigail Nguyen
6 12-Mar-17 Hannah Dodson Dayton Ffa Hard Luck X Neil O. and Stephanie Yelderman
22 12-Mar-17 Ty Mcclellen Odem Ffa Hard Luck XX Joe Ellis and Robin Young-Ellis


Photos of participants who catch a calf, their family members, Ag teacher and their donor (provided all were present) may be found at the media center on RODEOHOUSTON.com.  Please include the Media Code: “4media” in order to view and download photos.