The Wild West Brewfest – supporting the youth of Texas and crossing over the $300,000 mark

The Wild West Brewfest (WWBF) is proud to announce two more significant milestones in its short 5 year history. Giving back to others is what the WWBF is about, completely staff by 100% volunteers in addition to the various committees that help run this event, all of these organizers do this out of love and on their own time while taking no fee. As the Wild West Brewfest continues to enlarge its footprint it also expands its reach into communities in and around Katy Texas.

With the net proceeds exceeding $140,000 from the 2016 event, a portion of these proceeds were carved out to assist our young Texans through the local Katy FFA chapters. “The vision of the WWBF is to help students in need” says David Loesch event organizer. “We were proud to buy over $15,000 of animals at the local KISD FFA auctions and barn sales which happened February 18, 2017” said Loesch. The FFA students work hard for most of the year and for those who do not make it to auction, we are there also to support them in the barn sale to help offset the costs of their project. One other interesting fact, the WWBF also provides financial assistance for some students who wish to participate in raising a project however do not possess the funds to do so. “We are proud as the Rotary Club of Katy and Wild West Brewfest to provide assistance to these great organizations while letting our students know that we care and believe in them, but we could not do this without our sponsors and or patrons, we are grateful that they have chose to support us. These donations takes the WWBF over the $300,000 level in its 5 short years of existence.” Loesch said.

In addition the WWBF is also proud to announce it has been awarded Top Fest for May by an unbiased beer publication that reviews and rates various beer festivals. The Wild West Brewfest continues to excel in all aspects of culture, while giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars and receiving multiple awards highlighting the good work and the excellent selection of liquid on property for the patron, the Wild West Brewfest continues to exceed the expectations of many. “We are extremely excited to receive this award, again, we could not do this without the assistance of our sponsors, our patrons, our brewers, our volunteers and our Rotary Club. We have been blessed with a great group of partners who continue to believe in us – we are honored to work with them and for them – thank you!” said Loesch.

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