Texas “Meow Book Buddies”- collaboration results in great success.

Photo on left: Several children chose to read to a beautiful black cat Percy who is under the care of Rosenberg Animal Shelter. Photo on right: A young cat adopter from the December event visited us at Half Price Books last Saturday. He and Ms. Gizzy were holding paws!

Fort Bend Pets Alive! is honored to inform you that the event was a great success despite no cat was adopted out. The homeless cats from shelters received a lot of attention and compliments from everyone who participated. We had a very steady flow of families and youngsters (standing in line at times) to spend time and to read to cats. We are also honored to have so many dedicated volunteers. They helped set up for the event, complimented young readers for their compassion and shared the importance of shelter adoption with them. We were so pleased to have so many amazing volunteers. The excitement generated from this “Meow Book Buddies” program was phenomenal!

Our one person tent that provides privacy for young readers was also a hit! The children were able to have a cat sit on their lap, pet the head, feel the tail while they were reading a Dr. Seuss book. It was a magical moment for all of us! Please check out our Facebook page for selfies taken by Ms. Gizzy.

Feedback from the book store was very favorable. They loved the flow of positive energy and especially the significant amount increased in sales in this particular afternoon. They will definitely continue the program with Fort Bend Pets Alive!. Collaboration works! As we make this a regular event, we will start seeing adoption and will save more lives. PLEASE KEEP TELLING THE STORY FOR OUR COMPANION ANIMALS!