“Martha and Me” By Jane N. Vassil

‘Martha and Me’ details one girl’s journey to find her purpose in life

Author Jane N. Vassil announces the publication of her book debut

WOODSIDE, N.Y. – The children’s fiction book “Martha and Me: A Handicapped Child with a Purpose in Life” (published by Archway Publishing) portrays a girl who is speech impaired and her struggle with being bullied and wanting to be accepted.

The book takes place in a neighborhood mixed with people of various incomes and ethnicities. Martha, a 6 year old, is smart and sassy, and speaks differently than those around her. Her classmates tease her about the way she talks. At night, Martha retreats into her imagination and finds happiness in her pretend play as a teacher who loves all her stuffed animal students. When Martha’s teacher asks her to read her paper in front of the class one day, her classmates laugh and bully her. Martha is devastated. However, she forges forward in life to find her purpose and teaches the world that being physically challenged does not define her, but instead makes her special.

Vassil believes that the book is important for readers who are being bullied to know that they are not alone. “Everyone deserves to live a full and happy life no matter what their differences are with themselves or with others,” she says. “Everyone should give and receive love and respect.”

“Martha and Me”

By Jane N. Vassil

Softcover | 8.5 x 8.5in | 62 pages | ISBN 9781480824560

E-Book | 62 pages | ISBN 9781480824577

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Jane N. Vassil was raised by Italian and Greek parents that instilled morals, values and respect for all living things in her. Her parents taught her to love everyone no matter how different they were from her. Her childhood was full of fun and learning about the importance of God. “Martha and Me” is Vassil’s first book.

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