Katy Hardware to Double Space in New Location

From approximately 5,000 to 11,500 square feet, Katy Hardware should be in their new building sometime in March…that’s the plan.


Kay Powers, co-owner of Katy Hardware shows off the new building at 625 Pin Oak Road. The new Katy Hardware store will open in March, 2017. Photo by Debi Beauregard.

By Tom Behrens

A fixture on Avenue B in Historic Downtown Katy for decades, Katy Hardware will be relocating to it’s soon to open new location—625 Pin Oak Road—in March. Grand opening will probably take place in April. The new building, 11,500 square foot space, will more than double its current location.
Katy Hardware has been located at Ave B for 35 years at least. The new location is located next to what used to be Johnson Hardware. The Columbus based couple, Mickey and Kay Powers have been the proprietors for the last 15 years. Originally the store was never affiliated with any other hardware store chain. “We bought our merchandise from a variety of vendors,” said Katy. “When we move to our new store we will be an Ace store.”
Mickey said he feels operating the store is his way of giving back to the community. “I’ve had a wide variety of experiences in my life from working construction to agriculture, farming and ranching, and for a lot home repair stuff,” he said. “I can use my knowledge and experiences to help people when they come in.” He gets a lot of satisfaction in showing people another way of doing something that’s maybe easier.
“Our roots are a traditional hardware store,” said Kay. “We still cut and thread pipe.” Store employees also cut glass and make screens for doors and windows. “I don’t think there are too many people around who do that anymore.”
The new location will have twice the amount of retail space. In the building next door to the retail showroom will have the lumber and the bag goods such as concrete mix and sand. It will have two drive throughs so customers can drive in. “We load you up and you drive out,” said Kay. The new location will also have some rental tools.
At the present location Katy Hardware has treated and untreated lumber, but it was in two buildings across the street from the NAPA Auto Parts store. “It was really always awkward trying to tell customers where they will find their lumber purchases,” explained Kay. “With the new location, everything will be all together.”
The new Pin Oak location will have at least seasonal plants to start with as well as plenty of parking. “Lots of customers have already commented that will be really nice. We have gotten so busy, and along with the customers from NAPA backing up, it’s really kind of dangerous,” said Kay.
Fifteen years ago a mutual friend told them about the emerging opportunity to purchase Katy Hardware. “It looked like a good idea.” Kay remarked, “Our kids have grown up in the business and it has worked out really well,”