– NEFF RUNNING – WORLD RECORD UPDATE “Our family needed something to celebrate.”

neffThe Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, where we set the Guinness World Record for fastest marathon pushing a stroller in 2:31:21, is now behind us but still being celebrated. It was such an amazing day to share with Alessandra and the entire world watching live. Thank you everyone for the support.

Race Dedication

As most of you know we had dedicated this race to Aley’s Grandma “Nan-J” who finished her tenth round of radiation (for her third round of cancer) in Toronto the week of the race. Being with her on Canadian Thanksgiving that week was very special for us, the race was just icing on the cake. Aley’s Grandpa was in tears to meet us at the finish line saying “our family needed something to celebrate right now after such a rough past few months”. This is what made our achievement so important and special.

Forgoing World Championships

So with that being said, I wanted to personally update everyone on some changes to my running schedule. My mother-in-law did not respond to the radiation as we hoped and is left with no other treatment options. With her health rapidly declining its important my wife and the rest of our family get to spend her last few months together. For this reason I have cancelled my travel plans to Doha, Qatar for the World 50k Championships happening Friday, November 11th. Giving up my spot on the Canadian National Ultra Running Team for this reason was an easy decision to make; there will be other opportunities to represent my country and sponsors so I appreciate your support of this decision.

Latest News & Looking Ahead 

I have compiled a few of the media coverage snipets from Toronto below and on my website so feel free to check those out. The hype continues (sorry-not-sorry for overwhelming your newsfeeds)!

I recently coached 60 adult trail runners at the Trail Racing Over Texas, Texas Trail Camp. It was a great weekend sharing my running tips and a very engaging collaboration between Team TROT and our sponsors including Altra, Nathan, Trail Toes, Feetures, Bearded Brothers, No Fine Print, Red Bull, and more. PHOTOS by Myke Hermsmeyer.

I am still hoping to make this year’s Running Event in Florida, it’s always an important week to see my sponsors face-to-face and discuss the coming year. If I don’t see you there then we’ll talk soon!

In 2017 I would like to get back in touch with my speed as an important phase in both my short and long term goals in the marathon and beyond. Through the Spring I will be staying closer to home, with the new baby girl, to race local middle and long distance events on track, road, and trail before moving into some early summer ultra’s and even a stage race. Stay tuned!