iqiQuriousKids is the result of a Katy mom who realized that there was no one place to get the most comprehensive, trusted information on options for her children’s after school needs; so she created one specifically for Houston parents. In seven months her site has had over 313,000 hits!

She realized parents are constantly looking to give their children the best opportunities possible, and after-school activities are an essential part of their holistic development. Yet in today’s internet savvy world it was a surprise that there is no place where she could go to get the most comprehensive, trusted information for her children’s emerging interest.

She acted on her vision and built a well-curated marketplace that could help busy, yet highly engaged, parents find the perfect match to unleash, develop, and accelerate their child’s unique potential. From March 1, 2016 to September 30, 2016 she has had over 263,000 local visitors to her site, posted over 50 blogs and created a strong social media presence.

To learn more about the iQuriousKids, or how to list your business, please contact Jennifer Gorsché at Jennifer@iQurousKids.com. Or to check out the blogs go to blog.iquriouskids.com or visit our social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram.

About iQuriousKids LLC

iQurousKids.com is a website providing parents a comprehensive list of over 3,700 kids activities and camps from over 1,000 service providers in the Houston area.