10-year-old author takes readers to world of dyslexia

“Dyslexic Renegade”Leia Schwartz launches new marketing campaign for ‘Dyslexic Renegade’

NEW YORK – What is it like to be a person with dyslexia? Young author Leia Schwartz takes readers into a whimsical world of tumbling letters and jumbled alphabets where words seem to come alive in a dreamy, animated daze to allow readers the unique experience of viewing the world from a dyslexic child’s eyes.

“Dyslexic Renegade” (published by AuthorHouse), released in the first part of 2015, is a juvenile nonfiction written by the author when she was just 9 years old. She recalls the dread and confusion upon realizing that she was not doing well in school. Being diagnosed with dyslexia was a relief and in the hope of helping others, dyslexic or not, to understand her situation, she pens a book that shows the different – albeit subtly magical and extraordinary – world of dyslexia. Through this book, she encourages awareness and understanding for people who share her condition.

“I want people to know that being different is not a bad thing and that learning differently is good even if that doesn’t feel that way in school,” says Schwartz.

Her mission is to change the concept of dyslexia as a learning disability. Instead, she wants people to realize that it is, in fact, a learning style. “I feel bad because they think they are different, but really we are all different types of learners. We all need to be dyslexic renegades and help people understand what we need to be successful.”

Remarkably positive and insightful, “Dyslexic Renegade” opens a threshold into a world rarely captured and often misunderstood.

“Dyslexic Renegade”

By Leia Schwartz

Softcover | 8.5×8.5in | 24 pages | ISBN 9781496970015

E-Book | 24 pages | ISBN 9781496970022

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

The enthusiastic 10-year-old Leia Schwartz lives in New York. She goes to a school for dyslexics. She hopes to be an author, actress and chef someday.

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