Weather Questions

Weather Questions

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Q: It’s been very cold lately.  What’s the coldest it’s ever been in Texas?

A:  Texas is no stranger to below zero temperatures, says Brent McRoberts of Texas A&M University. “There have been numerous times in the last 100 years when parts of the state have been below zero,” he explains. “But one day stands out among all others. On Feb. 8, 1933, the temperature was minus-23 degrees in Seminole to set the state’s all-time low. It should be noted that the elevation of Seminole is over 3,200 feet, which is no doubt one reason the temperature that day was a record.”

Q: What about surrounding states?

A:  In Arkansas, the all-time low temperature is minus-29 degrees (set in 1905), while in Oklahoma the record low is minus-27 set in 1930. “In Louisiana, the all-time low is minus-16 degrees set in 1899, and in New Mexico, it gets a lot colder than most people think,” McRoberts adds. “In 1950 in the town of Gavilan, the temperature reached minus-50 degrees. The elevation of Gavilan is 7,350 feet, which means the mountain air got mighty cold that day.”