A contemporary telling of the Bible’s end of days

A contemporary telling of the Bible’s end of days

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James W Parker pens possible future regarding Revelation in ‘The Twelfth Imam’

LAS VEGAS – In his new action thriller, “The Twelfth Imam: Rise of the Antichrist” (published by WestBow Press), James W Parker writes a contemporary telling of a possible future regarding the Revelation and the battle between heaven and hell.

When the president of Iran announced to the world his country had just launched three nuclear missiles at Israel, he didn’t realize his grand plan would set in motion a series of events that fulfilled prophecies in both Islamic and Christian holy writings by heralding the return of the Islamic Messiah, “the one the Bible calls the Antichrist,” Parker explains.

In “The Twelfth Imam,” Iran has developed the bomb and has finally launched a deadly attack on Israel and “the Great Satan,” the United States. The attack brings unexpected results when the missiles somehow go astray and destroy the Dome of the Rock. While the Israeli attack fails, Iranian agents succeed in destroying several American cities, including the nation’s capital, with a nuclear blast.

These actions cause a series of ancient prophecies to culminate, first with Christians being removed from the Earth in a mass exodus, while simultaneously, the 12th Imam, the long-awaited Islamic Messiah, returns from the Jamkaran well where he has been slumbering for nearly 1,200 years.


“There is not anything in the book that has not happened, is not happening right now or could not happen in the very near future,” Parker explains. “Iran is developing nuclear weapons and threatens Israel and the U.S. all the time. Iran’s president ordered a railway constructed from Qom to Tehran so the 12th Imam could get there without any problems. The Bible says the rapture could happen at any time.”

“The Twelfth Imam”

By James W Parker

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 162 pages | ISBN 9781449785482

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 162 pages | ISBN 9781449785468

E-Book | 164 pages | ISBN 9781449785475

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About the Author

James W Parker is a pharmacist living in Las Vegas. He became interested in Islam in 2006 which led him to research the Islamic end time prophesies as well as the Islamo-political events in the Middle East which formed the basis for “The Twelfth Imam.”

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